Lectures given during the FEBS Advanced Courses
"Ligand Binding: Theory and Practice" (Nove Hrady, CZ)

Hemoglobin and Allostery (FEBS Advanced Course 2014); slides
On the Equilibrium Constant of Irreversible Reactions; slides

Allostery and Cooperativity (FEBS Advanced Course 2016); slides
UV/Vis Absorbance spectroscopy for the study of ligand binding (FEBS Advanced Course 2016); slides
Tutorial of the absorbance experiment presented at the FEBS Advanced Course 2016.
Some pictures taken during the 2016 FEBS Course

A series of interactive tutorial on ligand binding. You can take these tutorials in whatever order but pay attention to the fact that some concept are defined in tutorial #1 and used without definition in the successive tutorials.
1) Ligand binding to a single-site protein
2) Ligand binding incompatible with a single-site protein: case 1
3) Ligand binding incompatible with a single-site protein: case 2 (homotropic linkage)
4) High affinity ligands
5) Very high affinity ligands (in preparation; feel free to explore)
6) Low affinity ligands
7) Ligand replacement reactions (identical linkage)
8) Heterotropic linkage