Second semester 2022-2023
The teaching classes will be held on Tuesday (11:00-13:00) and Friday (9:00-12:00) in classroom D - ex Officine Ortopediche
    Professor   Topics   Lecture
  Modiano Blood And Tissue Protozoa. . #1 Fri, March 3  
  Modiano Blood Trematodes. Intestinal Protozoa. #2 Tue, March 7  
  Modiano Intestinal And Tissue Cestodes. Intestinal Nematodes. #3 Fri, March 10  
  Modiano Molecular And Immunological Diagnosis Of Parasitic Infections. Microbial Zoonoses. Protozoa Zoonoses. #4 Tue, March 14  
  Angeloni Markers in neoplastic disorders. #5 Fri, March 17  
  Bellelli Plasma proteins: a summary. Enzymes in blood. Isoenzymes. Macroenzymes. Organ pathology. #6 Tue, March 21  
  Bellelli 9:10,30: Lipoproteins; laboratory diagnosis of hyperlipidemias.
10,30-12: The urea cycle. Assay of ammonia, urea, creatine and creatinine. Kidney function.
#7 Fri, March 24  
  Bellelli Heme catabolism; jaundice. Liver functions. #8 Tue, March 28  
  Angeloni Markers to evaluate liver function. #9 Fri, March 31  
  Bellelli This lecture has been cancelled #10 Tue, April 4  
    Easter holidays   Fri, April 7  
    Easter holidays   Tue, April 11  
  Bellelli The endocrine system #11 Fri, April 14  
  Bellelli Biosynthesis of the heme and its defects; porphyrias. Assay of heme biosynthesis intermediates #12 Tue, April 18  
  Bellelli Glucose metabolism. Hyperglycemias and hypoglycemias. Diabetes mellitus.#13 Fri, April 21  
    Holiday   Tue, April 25  
  Angeloni Evaluation of kidney function. #14 Fri, April 28  
  Bellelli Inborn errors of metabolism n.1: aminoacids. #15 Tue, May 2  
  Bellelli Inborn errors of metabolism n.2: aminoacids. #16 Fri, May 5  
  BellelliInborn errors of metabolism n.3: glycogenoses; lipidoses; metal accumulation. #17 Tue, May 9  
  Angeloni Markers to evaluate heart pathophysiology. #18 Fri, May 12  
  Bellelli Hypervitaminoses and hypovitaminoses #19 Tue, May 16  
  Bellelli Standard blood tests and their clinical significance; laboratory findings in some common pathological conditions APP Fri, May 19  
  Mainiero Acute phase proteins and complement.
Laboratory medicine of immune disorders. Allergic and autoimmune disorders.
#20 Tue, May 23  
  Bellelli The analysis of the urine and its interpretation; clinical examples APP Fri, May 26